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Liverpool Tattoo Studio FrontpageDr Feelgood’s Liverpool Tattoo Studio is a family run Tattoo studio in the heart of Liverpool City Centre,  Brothers Ray & John come from a professional tattooing family and have been tattooing in Liverpool since the early 1990′s as the first professional Tattoo Artists in the city centre in the city’s famous palace arcade on Slater St.

Dr Feelgoods Liverpool Tattoo studio is situated in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre Appointments are not always necessary so why not call in during your lunch hour and talk to Andy our resident human tattoo calculator for an estimate? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our down to earth prices.

3 professional in-house tattoo artists with a combined experience of over 60 years! We can offer a wide range of styles & designs or do you have an idea for that special unique design? Bring your ideas into us, on paper or in your head, we can advise you if it is possible, practical and costly with no obligation!

Our staff are friendly and helpful, you won’t find any intimidating atmosphere in our Liverpool Tattoo Studio, in fact if you only want to come in and browse our designs that’s fine, not everybody is 100% certain on which tattoo to get so we can offer helpful advice. We even can provide PAINLESS tattoos upon request!Liverpool tattoo studio angel

Your safety is our primary concern, not only do we follow all UK & EU health & safety regulations, our tattoo artists sterilise all equipment with professional medical sterilisation equipment, (as used in Dentists, NHS & private hospitals) we only use factory sterilised disposable needles & sterilised inks.

After each session in our Liverpool tattoo Studio, our artists remove & destroy all needles, unused ink, gloves, even our tattoo machines & cables are covered in a disposable wrapping with is reapplied before each session. In a health conscious age there is no room for any mistakes!

If you have a design of your own you would like tattooed feel free to bring it down for us to ake a look at, if your own design is unsuitable for tattooing he will tell you how it can be improved.
Everyone at Dr Feelgood’s Liverpool Tattoo Studio are on a mission to end bad tattoos in Liverpool, which are caused by poor quality artists not understanding the basics of tattoo design